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ECONOMUSE Society Network

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Mission of the IENS

The Charter of Values of the ECONOMUSEUM® Network Society

Board of directors


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ÉCONOMUSÉE® Society Network

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Board of directors

Advisory committee

Admissions committee

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Ontario ECONOMUSEUM® Society

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Board of directors

Atlantic ECONOMUSEUM® Corporation


The 6 components

Eligibility criteria

The creative hand, the intelligent hand, has always been a means of human expression.
Jacques Anquetil

ECONOMUSE Society Network

Cyril Simard, Ph.D.“This network of businesses is composed of multitalented artisans who open their doors to the public so as to share their passion for their art trade and heritage.  The businesses are chosen mainly for the quality of their welcome and for their products.
Give them the pleasure of your visit!”

Cyril Simard, C.M., O.Q.,Ph.D.
Founder of the ECONOMUSEE Society Network

Contact Info

ECONOMUSEUM ® Society Network

Louis S. St. Laurent House
203 East Grande-Allée
Quebec (Quebec)
G1R 2H8

Telephone: (418) 694-4466
Fax: (418) 694-4410
Internet site:


Mission of the ESN

Created in 1992 by Mr. Cyril Simard, Ph.D., the mission of the ECONOMUSEUM® Society Network(ESN) is to showcase traditional trades and know-how by promoting the setting up of   ECONOMUSEUM® across Canada. 

In the Atlantic region, it mandates the Atlantic ECONOMUSEUM® Corporation(AEC) to develop ECONOMUSEUM® in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. 

In so doing, it offers the public an innovative cultural tourism product. 

The Charter of Values of the ECONOMUSEUM® Society Network

The Charter of Values was adopted in March 2006 at the annual convention of the ECONOMUSEUM® Society Network . It states the fundamental principles governing the attitude, behaviour and way of doing things of the people who keep the ECONOMUSEUM® network alive on a daily basis: its artisans and their workers, its administrators and its employees.

Download the Charter of Values of the ECONOMUSEUM® Society Network



Chairman of the Board
Michel Gervais

Chief Executive Officer
Carl-Eric Guertin

Executive Secretary and customer service
Gabrielle Nammour

Finance and Administrative Coordinator
Carole Gosselin

Our subcontractors

Architect - Atlante Architectes
Pierre Bouvier

Michel Guay

Expert in research, writing and editing in the fields of history, heritage and museology
Michèle Jean

Gynette Tremblay

Architect – Concept Designer
Christine Vallée

Board of Directors

Honourable Martin Cauchon, Lawyer, Heenan Blaikie

Executive Committee

Michel Gervais, O.C., O.Q.,Ph.D.

Vice President, Finance
Laurent Tremblay

Secretary Treasurer
Claude Robitaille, Notary, Côté, Taschereau, Samson, Demers


Catherine Monna
Owner of Cassis Monna et Filles (representative of the artisans)

Regis Pilote
Owner of Chevrier du Nord (representative of the artisans)

Mario Dufour, Consultant in religious heritage preservation

Claude Dubé, Dean of the Faculté d'aménagement, d'architecture et des arts visuels at Laval University & Owner of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage

Louis Villeneuve, expert advisor to multinational firms

François Tremblay, ex-director of the international exhibitions at the Musée de la Civilisation

Anne Soucie,Atlantic ECONOMUSEE Society représentant

Andre Fortin, President of Imafa inc. & President of the Quebec International Airport Jean Lesage


Financial Parteners

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